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Dateline: May 2019

Alan B. Rashkind

Alan B. Rashkind, '69, J.D. served as keynote speaker for Randolph-Macon College's June 1, 2019 Commencement ceremony at Frank E. Brown Fountain Plaza. Below is Rashkind's speech.

For a copy of Alan's address and a recent article about his long relationship with RMC click here.

Dateline: March 2019

Dr. Neil Kahanovitz

Dr. Neil Kahanovitz

Dr. Neil Kahanovitz

On March 5, 2019, Dr. Neil Kahanovitz ’70 talked with students about having a dream, making a plan, and embracing opportunities. He has traveled the world, first by joining the circus while in medical school, then as a spine surgeon, and finally coming full circle, finding acts for the Big Apple Circus, for which he serves as chairman. He shared a variety of stories, from meeting Mother Teresa to buying elephants for a one-act show. His talk was colorful and inspirational. Thanks, Dr. Kahanovitz, for coming back to the Center of the Universe!

Click here for a story that aired on CBS about Neil and the Big Apple Circus.



Dateline: October 2018

ABR and Jeff

ABR and Dr. Jeff Miller in LA

Jeff got us these great seats for Game 4 of the World Series, which we thoroughly enjoyed (at least through the 6th inning). That's Big Papi, the Big Hurt and Alex Rodriquez down below in the Fox on field booth. [We declined to be interviewed by them]. Jeff, Cindy and I watched the 18 inning game at their beautiful home in Glendale the night before. Great weekend trip, thanks to my gracious hosts.


Dateline: December 2017

CBS story about our RMC AEPi brother, Dr. Neil Kahanovitz, saving the Big Apple Circus. Great interview with Neil. ~ Alan Rashkind

          Click Here for Video


Dateline: May 2016

The time has come for another awesome AEPi Reunion. A number of you were unable to attend our last reunion. You really missed a great time and we missed you. We want to see all of you this time. Don't say you didn't know or didn't have enough warning so you could reschedule your weekly bridge game or poker night. NO EXCUSES!

I know that some of you have quite a distance to travel and will require accommodations. Book now and beat everyone else. I promise you won't regret it. What the heck, you've maxed out your 401k and IRA's. Live a little!

The reunion is scheduled to coincide with Homecoming Weekend - R-MC vs Catholic University, which takes place October 22, 2016.

What's not to and an evening with your fraternity brothers. Wives and significant others are welcome and encouraged to attend. They too can enjoy a memorable time as we go down memory lane and catch up since we were last together.

Encourage your fellow brothers to attend.

See you there.

     Dave Biggs '66 Alan Rashkind '69 Mike Rountrey '71


Dateline: March 2015


Alan Rashkind has uncovered what may be the AEPi Dead Sea Scrolls.


Dateline: April 2013

Alan Rashkind & Family

Suzette and Alan Rashkind, other family members and RMC officicals celebrate the
dedication of a new seating area to Alan's Father Julian Rashkind.


Dateline: May 2013

Alan Rashkind

Suzette and Alan Rashkind with "other".

Dateline: October 2012

Skip Vichness Honored

Skip Vichness honored at RMC Alumni Luncheon

On October 19, 2012, our brother Samuel (Skip) Vichness (’69) was the guest speaker and an honoree at the Alumni Homecoming Luncheon. Skip spoke on the topic “You Went Where? You Studied What? A ringing defense of the benefits of a small college liberal arts education. Both in his public comments and in his conversation at the table, Skip reminisced about the stimulating/scary one on one classes with such professors as Hasker, Panill, Oliver, Munyan, and others. The AEPi contingent included the Vichness family, Alan & Suzette Rashkind, Buster Ward, Jack Roberts, Dave Biggs, Milton Martin, Duncan Howe, Bill Rawls, and Mike Rountrey.

Skip Vichness Honored

Our Faculty Advisor Emeritus, Buster Ward is now living in San Antonioo, TX His e-mail address is; his phone, (281) 881-1999. He would enjoy hearing from you.


Dateline: October 2010

Milt is currently vacationing in Italy, and was unable to attend our recent Homecoming reunion. The following is his report: Our "Untrip" included a week in an apartment in Florence and a week in an apartment in Atrani, on the Amalfi Coast. Then three days on our own in Rome. All travel was on our own, so lots of research and map-reading. Did take a few one-day tourist excursions, to Pompeii and Herculean, to San Gimignano, to Isle of Capri, to Colosseum and Roman Forum Ruins.

Florence has all of the museums and Renaissance art of Europe. And Amalfi has all of the steps in Italy... Can't go anywhere without a step or several hundred. Rome has tons of history. After seeing the ruins of Julius Caesar's Rome, I need to reread "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" to compare how Rome fell with what's going on in USA at the moment.

Great trip and recommended to any one with good taste in art and food, and a healthy walking ability.

Dateline: 23 October 2010
Skip Vichness

Skip Vichness was appointed to the board of Trustees last May and sworn in October 23, 2010.

Dateline: 29 May 2010
Andrew Willyard

Andrew Willyard son of AEPi's Al and Beth Willyard graduated from Randolph Macon during this years commencement cerimonies.

Dateline: 11 August 2009
Harper Morgan Rashkind

Harper Morgan Rashkind was born to Graham ('96) and Cameron ('94) this morning. Help us all welcome Alan Rashkind's third grandchild and very first granddaughter into this weird wonderful world of ours!Ethan and Lucas welcome Harper

Dateline: 2 May 2009

The Randolph-Macon College Board of Trustees elected a new chairman during its spring meeting on Saturday, May 2, 2009. The unanimous choice was long-time Trustee, Alan Rashkind ’69, of Norfolk, Virginia. He succeeds Macon Brock, Jr. ’64 who stepped down after serving as chair for ten years.

Nathan Christopher CentoreDateline: 6 August 2006

A grandchild, Nathan Christopher Centore was born August 6, 2006 to Jim and Jennifer Wester's oldest daughter Allison and her husband Chris.

Dateline: 2006

Lucas RashkindLucas Rashkind pictured here at nearly three years of age becomes Alan Rashkind's second grand event!

It's now official. The freshman class at Randolph Macon this fall will include at least one descendant of the original animal house. Andrew Willyard has accepted their offer of a Presidential Scholarship and will be attending RMC this fall -- class of 2010. I guess it was all the tales he's heard over the years at the River Party about the place. Let's hope he's better behaved than we were or he'll lose that scholarship!

Following a hot tip from Alan Brody Rashkind (a/k/a ABR), I called Ira Lee Andrews, RMC's Dean of Students, to inquire about the current status of our former castle at 101 College Avenue. After AEPi lost our charter and disbanded, Pi Kappa Alpha bought the dump from National, fixed it up, and indeed, Alan's son Gray was a brother of that group. However, as Mr. Andrews confirmed, PiKA has bombed out, been de-certified as an approved student organization, and the house is vacant and in poor shape. Remember "Poltergeist"? Maybe that house is built on a graveyard or something.

To contact any current RMC denizen, whether administrator, faculty, or student, the e-mail address is :first initial + last, as in

Dateline: 12 October 2002

Bob Kendig ('70) served as best man at the October 12, 2002 wedding of his son Robert. Dr. Bob practices dentistry in Richmond, Virginia.- Milton Martin ('66) was elected to Hopewell (Virginia) City Council in 2002, after a career as the head of the city's planning department.

Ethan Brody Rashkind

Dateline: 14 November 2002

Ethan Brody Rashkind, born on November 14, 2002 in Richmond, a very healthy baby boy, 9 lbs. 3 ozs. He already has more hair than me, and one "friend" of mine says the kid is so damn good looking he will have a hard time explaining to his friends how come his grandfather looks so bad and yet is still part of the same family. I'll tell him to answer by pointing to his mother (Cameron, RMC ' 94). Cameron had a long labor, followed by a Cesarean section, but she is doing well, although tired. Gray is not quite as impossible as his own dad, but he is pushing the pride envelope fairly hard himself.